The History and Genealogy of the Choisser Family

Welcome to the Choisser Family web site.
This is our patriarch, John Choisser. All of today's
Choisser families descend from him:

John Choisser

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Below are the things you will find on this site:

Ancestors of John Choisser
Follow our family's history from 1625 until
the birth of John Choisser in 1784.

Descendants of John Choisser
Over a thousand descendants of John Choisser are listed on this family tree!
Historical information and photos of descendants
of John Choisser can be found here.

The Pronunciation of Choisser
Suitable for printing out and hanging in your cubicle, should you
be a Choisser tired of people bungling your name.

John and Nancy Choisser
Some photos and information about
our Choisser First Family.

An Illinois Family
Read this exciting history of our family spanning 300 years!
From "Outdoor Illinois Magazine", November, 1967.

The Aubrey Starke Papers
The most exhaustive research on the Choisser family ever done.
Written about 1940, goes back to 1662.

Choisser Street Signs
Yes, a very few Americans are among the chosen.
They have an awesome Choisser address.

Here are some links that might be of interest:

A Brief History of St. Clair County, Illinois
Although it doesn't mention any Choissers, this excellent history
of early Illinois reveals the environmental and political
world in which our French ancestors lived.

Jon's Southern Illinois History Page
This site is rich in detail in the 1800's in Saline and Gallatin Counties
where our family resided during those years. It even
speaks of our patriarch, John Choisser.

Saline County Illinois Genealogy
Visit this site for links to other Saline County, Illinois families.

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