Some Early Adventures of
John Baptiste Choisser

Author unknown

Introductory Comment by Bill Choisser

The author of this account, the original handwritten in pencil, is unknown. From the document's appearance, it seems it was probably written in the first third of the twentieth century.

Though the spelling in the document was quite good, it lacked much usual punctuation and paragraphing. It is provided here as it was in the original.

Some Early Adventures of John Baptiste Choisser

Born Kaskaskia Ill baptized at 2 weeks old. Father & mother moved to Montreal Canada. First stop was trading post at Vincennes settled by a handful French Catholics. They crossed Wabash traveled the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to Canada. After settling in Canada a brother Joseph and sister Mary Ann were born. His parents kept a sailor's boarding house. At the age of sixteen John returned to the territory and become a fur-trader among Indians. For several years he flat-boated from Louisville to New Orleans and often stopped for few days at Shawneetown Ill when a village of 3 houses and twas there he met and married Nancy Sutton 15 yr of age. He continued his trip to New Orleans which took 3 mo for a round trip. When he returned he brought with him dinner set of egg shell China, solid silver spoons, cedar churn with brass bands also water pail, silver soup ladle, and cream spoon and numerous articles for housekeeping and located near Equality Ill at what was known as the half moon and with a partner Timothy Guard bought a number of slaves and operated the salt wells for number of years. After the salt wells grew weak and were not profitable they divided their slaves each share was 10 slaves $10,000 (thousand in gold.) He then went to Saline Co took up farming at 15 cts per acre for 200 acre. Twas on this farm he reared his family and conducted a travelers Inn. On the first surveyed state road from Shawneetown to St. Louis known then as the old Goshen road. Their first Son William was born in log cabin on cat tail bed. They often were visited by Indians.

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