Joseph Choisser

Joseph Choisser

Joseph Choisser, and his son Louis, were murdered by
officers of the L.A.P.D. in 1903. Witnesses indicated
the men's behavior revealed they never knew their
assailants were police officers attempting an arrest,
and the men died trying to defend themselves.

Their plight attracted much attention in their day,
much as the Rodney King case did ninety years later.
Sadly, things at the L.A.P.D. haven't changed much.

Joseph's great grandson Bill Choisser has inherited
neurologically-based hearing and face recognition impairments
that have during assaults completely blocked his ability to
understand the words of his assailants, and his vision, not
getting anything from their faces freezes there. In two
instances he has been confronted unexpectedly by officers and
he has not seen their uniforms. The similarity between those
occurrences and what happened to Joseph and Louis in 1903
is too eerily similar to let pass without mention.

Joseph's and Louis's remains were returned to Illinois, and
they are buried side by side beneath a common headstone
in Wolf Creek Cemetery in Eldorado.

Grave of Joseph and Louis Choisser

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